Hello, you! I wanted to start a blog to help follow quilters out there, share my ideas, and document my own progress as a novice quilter. The goal is to have a resource for beginner quilters where I link helpful videos and websites that I’ve been finding along the way. In the mix you’ll find some of my drawings. I’ll be including my personal experiences and random thoughts on life.

A little about myself; I worked in the animal care industry (animal shelters, holistic pet food, dog grooming) for about twelve years before switching to a new career recently. I’ve always been an artist and went to school for that in Oregon. It’s always been a hobby and I’ve been lucky to have had a few shows, as well. As I work odd hours, I’m able to fill my time with quilting, blogging, and other pursuits.

Please view this blog as a conversation starter and feel free to send me your thoughts and constructive criticisms. All I ask is that you keep it kind. I’d love to see your projects and creative endeavors, too. Enjoy your day, read some blog entries, and get creative.